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Latest Posts

  • State of the World’s Forests 2016

    Forests and trees support sustainable agriculture. They stabilize soils and climate, regulate water flows, give shade and shelter, and provide a habitat for pollinators and the natural predators of agricultural pests. They also contribute to the food security of hundreds of millions of people, for whom they are important sources of food, energy and income. Yet, agriculture remains the major driver of deforestation globally, and agricultural, forestry and land policies are often at odds.

  • Mediterranean forest and landscape restoration: towards an agenda?

    Forests and other wooded lands are part of Mediterranean landscapes. They provide fuelwood, water, food, tourism services and many other goods and services, and are a source of income. The sectors of several of the goods and services provided by Mediterranean forest ecosystems play a key role in the improvement of population livelihoods.


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    6th Meeting of the Enlarged EC of Silva Mediterranea

    The Sixth Meeting of the Enlarged Executive Committee of Silva Mediterranea took place at the FAO Headquarters in Rome, Italy on Friday April 8, 2016. 


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    Collaboration for the Sustainability of Tunisian Forests

    Tunis, November 4-9, 2014. Focusing on increasing collaboration for the sustainability of national forests, the 2nd Tunisian Forest Week offered a platform to present many important initiatives, such as the National Forest Strategy 2015-2024, the potential of non-timber forest product value chains for green employment, the importance of enhancing the cooperation between foresters and the media, and the “Pact for a green Tunisia”.

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Communicating Forest Science (IUFRO)

Communicating about science in the setting of a forest, grove of trees, or chaparral can bring people with very...


State of the World's Forests 2016 (SOFO)

Forests and trees support sustainable agriculture. They stabilize soils and climate, regulate water flows, give shad...



Forests and other woodlands are an integral part of Mediterranean landscapes. They are a source of energy, water,...


State of Mediterranean Forests 2013

Forest ecosystems and other wooded lands are an important component of landscapes in the Mediterranean region,...


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