The Network

The main objectives of this network are:

  1. To provide a platform for communication of important and reliable information related to forests for all concerned stakeholders
  2. To promote the understanding that forests are vital to life on Earth and if sustainably managed would provide a multitude of goods and services.
  3. To raise awareness on the importance of our forests while highlighting the threats and challenges they face.
  4. To increase the use of sustainably produced wood and other forest products as climate friendly materials and renewable energy sources.
  5. To provide important information and influence national and regional strategies on forests
  6. To make forestry research available for forest managers and decision makers, and to the general public
  7. To define a common and shared vision of our MED and NE forests in line with focussed messages
  8. Dialogue and communication among members, partners and stakeholders is an important aspect for achieving the already set objectives.

Appropriate and relevant categories of partners, stakeholders need to be selected carefully and identified specifically for each communication activity. Here below you will find a list of communication target groups at the local, national, regional or international levels:

  • decision makers from various sectors relevant to forests, like climate change, energy providers, agriculture, forest-based industries, construction industry, environment, tourism
  • opinion formers, like journalists, bloggers, teachers and celebrities
  • forest-related stakeholders such as users, forest users, small business related owners,
  • stakeholders from other sectors such as tourism sector, food processors, food related businesses.
  • young people, researchers, students civil society organizations Academic and university students in forest related sectors and sciences (forestry, biology, agriculture…)

Researchers in environmental issues and other forest related sectors The network is open to individuals, members of public and private sector, representatives of organizations, institutions, and other networks of interest and connected to the forest related issues. All individuals directly or indirectly related to forestry sectors such as users, decision makers, beneficiary or environmentalists, sociologists, anthropologists etc..

The network is expected to inform and communicate important aspects of the forests in the Mediterranean and the Near East region all in line with the challenges and opportunities these resources present. It is expected that the network, after its establishment would eventually develop a flexible, interactive but proactive structure able to meet the demands of all countries and members while contributing to the implementing of its strategy at all national, regional and international levels. At this stage we have identified important aspects for its establishment and for the long term based on the members’ suggestions.

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