Gender matters in forestry

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  • September 08, 2015

Side event: Gender matters in forestry - challenges and opportunities

An increasing body of research shows the importance of paying attention to gender in forestry. Significant gender differences have been observed in the division of labor, access and rights to forest resources and participation in decision-making. Gender-unequal institutional arrangements are often embedded in existing gender relations, and also a result of discriminatory state policies, customary practices, and market systems. As gender relations penetrate the politics and economics of natural resource management, lack of attention to gender by policy makers and practitioners risk meeting sustainable environmental goals while possibly causing adverse impacts for women. Carefully drafted gender-sensitive policies and interventions could help transform unequal gender relations in forested landscapes.

This event – organized by CIFOR, ICRAF, Bioversity and FAO – aims to bring together research organizations, policy makers, NGOs and development practitioners to discuss the current state of gender and forestry, to identify emerging challenges and opportunities, and to share best practices of integrating gender into forest policy and practice.

The event will be structured as a panel discussion followed by a Q&A-session, focusing on following topics:

  • -How are policy makers, CSOs and development agencies currently addressing gender issues in forest policy and practice?
  • -What are some of the key constraints and solutions to integrating gender into forestry policy and practice?
  • -What are the benefits of women’s participation and leadership in cooperatives and producers organizations?
  • -What are the emerging challenges and opportunities for combining goals regarding gender equality and environmental sustainability in the post-2015 agenda?

During the event, FAO's report on “Mainstreaming gender into forest policies in Asia and the Pacific” will be launched. Participating organizations will also share information material. Lunch is served at the venue.

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