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  • April 19, 2015
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We live in an intricate and changing environment with interrelated feedback between ecosystems, society, economy and the environment. EFI’s ‘What Science Can Tell Us’ series is based on collective scientific expert reviews providing interdisciplinary background information on key and complex forest-related issues for policy and decision makers, citizens and society in general.

Future of the European Forest-Based Sector: Structural Changes Towards Bioeconomy
What Science Can Tell Us 6, 2014
Lauri Hetemäki (editor)

The Provision of Forest Ecosystem Services
What Science Can Tell Us 5, 2014
Bo Jellesmark Thorsen, Robert Mavsar, Liisa Tyrväinen, Irina Prokofieva and Anne Stenger (editors)

Volume I: Quantifying and valuing non-marketed ecosystem services
Volume II: Assessing cost of provision and designing economic instruments for ecosystem services

Forest Bioenergy for Europe
What Science Can Tell Us 4, 2014
Paavo Pelkonen, Mika Mustonen, Antti Asikainen, Gustaf Egnell, Promode Kant, Sylvain Leduc and Davide Pettenella (editors)

Living with Storm Damage to Forests
What Science Can Tell Us 3, 2013
Barry Gardiner, Andreas Schuck, Mart-Jan Schelhaas, Christophe Orazio, Kristina Blennow and Bruce Nicoll (editors)

European Forest Governance: Issues at Stake and the Way Forward
What Science Can Tell Us 2, 2013
Helga Pülzl, Karl Hogl, Daniela Kleinschmit, Doris Wydra, Bas Arts, Peter Mayer, Marc Palahí, Georg Winkel and Bernhard Wolfslehner (editors)

Water for Forests and People in the Mediterranean – A Challenging Balance
What Science Can Tell Us 1, 2011.
Yves Birot, Carlos Gracia and Marc Palahí (editors)
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